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Weibo Advertising

Weibo (also known as Sina Weibo) is China’s largest microblogging social media network and is China’s answer to Twitter with users limited to 140 characters per post. With over 500 million registered Weibo users as of 2016, Weibo is China’s third largest social media network after Wechat and QQ. For businesses looking to develop a Weibo marketing campaign strategy or looking to incorporate Weibo advertising into their digital marketing campaign strategies they must obtain official Weibo account verification to provide their account with credibility and to improve acquisition and retention of followers. Weibo’s identification policy is similar to Twitter’s verified account policy which helps businesses obtain official account verification status proving to users that they are the official business or brand account (symbolised with a blue V next to their account name). However, obtaining verified account status on Weibo is more complicated than on Twitter and brands cannot contact Weibo directly, but must instead apply through verified agents. PingPong Digital is Weibo’s only official UK partner, and provides UK based businesses with official Weibo account verification by working closely with Weibo and its partners. By obtaining official Weibo account verification, users are comforted that the accounts they are following are legitimate and all Weibo advertising and marketing campaigns are more likely to be engaged with.


Advertising on Weibo is not just for Chinese brands and businesses, many global businesses have invested in Weibo advertising and incorporated Weibo advertising into their digital marketing campaigns, companies such as Lancome, Unilever, Durex, and Coca-Cola have all developed innovative Weibo advertising campaigns to tap into Chinese consumers through paid promotion of posts and content. Weibo advertising utilises rich media including text, video and photos to attract users and provide them with engaging and shareable content that is targeted to desired audiences. Weibo advertising and marketing campaigns are akin to a Twitter/Facebook hybrid and if developed well, provide businesses with effective advertising and marketing tools in China.


If you’re looking to invest in a Chinese social media marketing strategy, then Weibo is an essential platform to be on. Here at PingPong Digital we offer clients help with developing Weibo advertising, Weibo account verification and Weibo marketing and account moderation to support their digital marketing strategies in China. PingPong Digital has a team of experts dedicated to Weibo advertising and marketing campaigns, and we are also the only UK based digital marketing agency to offer comprehensive Weibo packages for clients which include official Weibo account verification.