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Marketing and Advertising On Wechat

Wechat is one of the top social media platforms in China, and one of the main communication channels used by Chinese to chat with their friends and keep up to date with their favourite brands.

Due to the recent popularity of Wechat, Wechat has become an essential marketing strategy tool, with many brands now running Wechat marketing campaigns, and has become an important method to advertise new products and services to Chinese consumers.

Wechat marketing campaigns and Wechat marketing strategy however is very different to that way in which one would market to western consumers, as the style of writing, the various unique Wechat features and tools offer much more in terms of advertising capabilities. Due to the platform mainly being used as a communication platform to chat with friends the style of writing on Wechat is also different and must account for this kind of information acc

Wechat Marketing Campaigns – How to

In order to run a successful Wechat marketing campaign you must first understand how users will access this information, and what special Wechat features you can incorporate to make your content stand out.

Gifs work extremely well in Wechat marketing, these can drive Wechat users to share and engage with your the content. Multimedia such as videos and images can all be embedded into your content to make your Wechat marketing campaign stand out.

How to measure the success of a Wechat marketing campaign is a hot discussion, as Wechat is not an open platform like Weibo. Wechat have recently begun to make it easier for users to comment on your posts in a more public and open way, but a measure of a truly successful Wechat marketing campaign is how many Wechat users share a post to their private newsfeed, as this can be accessed and viewed by all their friends, allowing for the organic growth of your campaign.

This is where PingPong Digital comes in, in order to ensure your Wechat marketing campaign is successful, you must have a marketing strategy in place that is designed from the ground up for Chinese consumers. PingPong Digital has extensive experience in designing Wechat marketing strategy for our clients and executing Wechat marketing campaigns as well. We do extensive research into Wechat consumer behaviour to understand what works and what doesn’t, and we design our strategic marketing approach to drive successful Wechat campaigns.

We have an in-house team of Chinese Wechat experts that are based in the UK and in our office in Shanghai as well, we work around the clock, analysing our clients Wechat accounts and optimising them to drive account growth and engagement.

Our extensive service options can assist you with specific short term campaigns you wish to run, or with more long term sustainable growth and brand building.